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28 Oct 2003
Sashall, Florence, Italy

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      Muse show
      Venue Sashall
      Date 28th October 2003
      Location Florence, FI
      Country Italy
      Songs 19
      Support Cave In
      Start Unknown
      1. Apocalypse Please
      2. Hysteria
      3. New Born
      4. Sing for Absolution
      5. Micro Cuts
      6. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
      7. Citizen Erased
      8. Take a Bow (instrumental)
      9. Space Dementia
      10. Endlessly
      11. Feeling Good
      12. Butterflies & Hurricanes
      13. The Small Print
      14. Sunburn
      15. Muscle Museum
      16. Bliss
      17. Time Is Running Out
      18. Plug In Baby
      19. Blackout
      20. Stockholm Syndrome

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        1. Report

          An amazing gig... and the day after, I met the band in the street and took a picture with them!

          3060 days ago