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18 Jul 2015
Rock In Roma :: Rome, Italy

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    Even if this was the most difficult gig I've ever been to (sleeping outside the venue from the day before and the insufferable heat) it was on my BIRTHDAY and in my city so it will always have a special place in my heart. Plus, they played Citizen Erased, what more can you ask? Love you guys!!!

    274 days ago

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    Giornata dura fisicamente, che ha messo a dura prova anche i veterani dei concerti! Ma è stata una serata stupenda ed indimenticabile e voi come sempre impeccabili e spettacolari! Ho corso il rischio di non venire al concerto.....purtroppo ho perso mia madre tre settimane prima del grazie a voi ho ritrovato la carica e l'energia per affrontare il mio dolore devastante. Anche grazie ai miei amici muser che mi hanno saputo sostenere. Il vostro concerto mi ha tirato fuori tutte le energie negative e sostituirle con quelle positive. Vi adoro come non ho mai adorato nessun gruppo musicale! Ci rincontreremo a Milano a Marzo!!!

    675 days ago

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    Serata indimenticabile !!!! Performance live strepitosa.

    691 days ago

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    705 days ago

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    grazie , grazie e ancora grazie...! <3

    705 days ago

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    Ukrainian fans want the Drones tour :D

    707 days ago

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    You are great, but volume was very low in Rome :(

    708 days ago

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    Best concert I`ve ever been. Well done guys! Keep rocking us!!!! We hope to see you in Athens as well.

    710 days ago

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    710 days ago

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    Wish i were there! I love Muse since my 3rd birthday

    710 days ago

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    Matt take my heart tonight and let me fly with your voice and your guitar! even a few hours.. #rockinrome

    710 days ago

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    Hi, ONE TICKET AVAILABLE. Email me, I send you my phone No. and we can meet at the venue.

    710 days ago

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    See you play live is one of the most beautiful things.
    Mat's voice resonates in my heart.
    -2day To Rome

    712 days ago

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    Che si organizza a Roma?

    713 days ago

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    #CitizenErasedForRome :)

    713 days ago