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24 Jun 2015
Provinssirock :: Seinäjoki, Finland

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      1. Report

        It was AWESOME GIG guys, thank you :) See again next year? ;)

        729 days ago

      2. Report

        If it was as cold in Seinäjoki as it was in Helsinki tonight, the guys will have frozen their balls off... @George: If you can read this: I had a good reason not to go there, but I hope you had a good time. Wish, I could have come, too. Remember the sea view from prolonged Matruusinkatu? If I can make it, I'll be there at around 4pm.

        734 days ago

      3. Report

        This is gonna be awesome!

        758 days ago

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        796 days ago

      5. Report

        So happy to see you again! Can't wait!

        861 days ago

      6. Report

        Does anyone know is there gonna be tickets only for one day? Now they are selling four days tickets :(

        867 days ago

      7. Report

        even more

        893 days ago

      8. Report

        This is awesome! Can't wait :D

        946 days ago

      9. Report

        Fuck yeah

        946 days ago

      10. Report

        See you there!! Can't wait for you guys, welcome to Finland again!

        946 days ago