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27 Oct 2006
Palacio de Deportes, Madrid, Spain

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Muse show
Venue Palacio de Deportes
Date 27th October 2006
Location Madrid
Country Spain
Songs 19
Support Poet in Process
Start 22:00 UTC+2 (Muse), 20:45 UTC+2 (Poet in Process)
  1. Take a Bow (watch)
  2. Hysteria
  3. Butterflies and Hurricanes (watch)
  4. Map of the Problematique + Maggie's Farm riff (watch)
  5. New Born (watch)
  6. City of Delusion (watch)
  7. Plug In Baby
  8. Forced In
  9. Bliss (extended)
  10. Feeling Good (watch)(watch)(watch)
  11. Hoodoo (watch)
  12. Invincible (watch)
  13. Supermassive Black Hole (watch)
  14. Starlight
  15. Time Is Running Out (watch)(watch)
  16. Riff + Stockholm Syndrome riff
  17. Citizen Erased
  18. Muscle Museum
  19. Knights of Cydonia + Space Dementia (instrumental outro) (watch)

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    1. Report

      Mi primer concierto de Muse tb! y ya llevo 3, Qué grandes en el Claderón!

      2891 days ago

    2. Report

      Mi primer concierto. My frist Muse concert. Desde entonces me hice fan. I becam a fan ever since.

      2895 days ago

    3. Report

      It was amazing to see such a huge venue rocking out in unison to Muse, after having seen them at Sala Arena (Heineken) in that same city 5 years earlier...

      3080 days ago

    4. Report

      My first Muse concert and now I am so angry I dont have tickets for Madrid or Barcelona that I'm going to...........................TORINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . Looking for the concert. The previous one was THE BEST CONCERT EVER without any reasonable doubt, hehehe. Please take me with you in your tour!! hahaha. I am clever, can wash dishes, drive the van, whatever, etc, hahaa.

      3108 days ago

    5. Report

      One of my best nights ever! Thanks Muse for all the feelings we shared there that night!

      3170 days ago

    6. Report

      My first Muse concert, and I can say it won't be my last! I was thrilled with Matt's voice and guitar, Chris' bass and Dom's drums, along the whole show! Amazing night, I can't wait to see them again!

      3935 days ago

    7. Report

      I had wait 6 years to see a concert of Muse,and I can't believe that I have do it. I just can say Thank You for making me the happiest girl in the world. Always yours.

      4213 days ago

    8. Report

      Im from mexico and this show was the first time ive seen muse live...JUST AWESOME! They played take a bow, hysteria, butterflies, map of the problematique, newborn, city of delution, plug, forced in, bliss (my fav), feeling good, hoodoo, invincible, supermassive, starlight, tiro, stockholme, citizen, muscle museum and kights. After the show, i had the opportunity to meet them and tom kirk, too. Amazing for a mexican fan who lives across the see. Thanks to MAdrid for giving me the best time in my life and of course, muse, for being the most exciting live band in the world!!!

      annie payne
      4223 days ago