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14 Jun 2015
Orange Warsaw :: Warsaw, Poland

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    Dear Muse, I want to see Yuo again and again, the time with You is gone so fast !!! I so wantend to hear more and more my favorite songs :( .... I'm waiting of new shows. P.s. I didn't like public in Warshaw, they were quit cold, I hope to see You next time in England. Good luck for all of You and Your famielies. From Lithuania with love, Asta

    642 days ago

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    652 days ago

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    Dear MUSE,
    I greatly admire what you all do. Your music is the motivation and inspiration to live the best I could. Music is my entire life and I don't think I can survive a single day without playing or singing. And parhaps I'm asking for too much but I really wish I could sing with you during the Orange Warsaw Festival. It would be like a dream come true, to be with you on stage for just a few short minutes, and singing Explorers. The crowd is going to be huge probably, and I don't think I'll be close to the scene, but If someone will be able to see small sheet with "I WANT TO SING WITH YOU" I want you to know, that the 16yrs old dreamer is standing there and waiting patiently for she sign to jump on the scene. Can't wait to see and hear you :D

    Peter P.

    655 days ago

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    Dear MUSE, Matthew Christopher and Dominic, I am Levan from Georgia (Europe) and I am big fan of yours. I have to ask you something, my girlfriend will be on your concert in Warsaw on 14th of June.I call her NG (name initials) I want to ask you to tell her from stage to forgive me, whole my life depends on it I love her so much. Please guys help me. Thanks a lot. See you in Germany. Thanks

    657 days ago

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    I am looking forward!!!!!!!

    658 days ago

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    I can't wait! Drones are on repeat all the time! I'm so so so soon excited

    658 days ago

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    I will be there! This was the cheapest tickets ever - only 20 Euro .... :) it's nothing! :)

    659 days ago

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    Best way to finish my stay in Poland before return to Portugal! ;) I'll be there :D

    661 days ago

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    AYUDA, POR FAVOR, CON UN CÓDIGO PARA EL CONCIERTO EN COLOMBIA EN OCTUBRE. MI CORREO ES: ¡LES AGRADECERÍA MUCHÍSIMO! / Please help with code for concert tickets in Colombia , October. My email is: ¡really appreciate it!

    705 days ago

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    See you guys! I'll be there! :)

    738 days ago

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    I'm not decited to go there... What should I do guys ?

    779 days ago

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    Can't wait to see you again, guys. It's gonna be an unforgettable night.

    816 days ago

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    They said that Orange Warsaw wouldn't have better musicians next time... That was a lie! Oh my, i will be there for sure^^

    840 days ago

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    In Ukraine we waiting you for 4 years! Poland is so close, but so expensive... Come on, just one tiny gig in Kiev!

    847 days ago

  15. Report

    It's really good news! But tickets are very expensive... :(

    847 days ago