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18 Sep 2017
Morrison, Colorado :: Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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      1. Report

        Incredible show. My wife stood next to Matthew Bellamy talking to a roadie, trying to get back stage and didn't realize who Matthew was it until the show started. FAIL

        71 days ago

      2. Report

        This is going to be amazing!!! 10 hr drive one way, and will be worth every second!

        496 days ago

      3. Report

        I won the ticket lottery. So excited!! Looking forward to living this dream. :-)

        497 days ago

      4. Report

        Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait.

        498 days ago

      5. Report

        This is a dream come true. Red Rocks, Muse, and Thirty Seconds To Mars. Thank you Universe! I hope that I am lucky enough to get tickets. Crossing my fingers on pre-sale lottery.

        499 days ago