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24 Oct 2006
Exhibition Centre, Bilbao, Spain

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Muse show
Venue Bizkaia Arena, Bilbao Exhibition Centre
Date 24th October 2006
Location Barakaldo, Bilbao
Country Spain
Songs 17
Support Poet in Process
Start (UTC+2)22:00 , 20:45 (doors)
  1. Take a Bow
    (Manson M1D1 Black, red Fender Jazz Bass)
  2. Hysteria
    (Manson Chrome Bomber, red Fender Jazz Bass)
  3. Map of the Problematique + Maggie's Farm riff
    (Manson M1D1 Mirror, Rickenbacker 4003)
  4. Butterflies & Hurricanes
    (Manson M1D1 Mirror, white Kawai, red Fender Jazz Bass)
  5. Assassin
    (Manson M1D1 Mirror, 5-string black Fender Jazz Bass)
  6. New Born
    (Manson M1D1 Mirror, white Kawai, black Fender Jazz Bass)
  7. Forced In
    (Manson M1D1 Black, red Fender Jazz Bass)
  8. Bliss (extended)
    (Manson M1D1 Black, red Fender Jazz Bass)
  9. Hoodoo
    (White Kawai, Fender Stratocaster (Wolstenholme))
  10. Feeling Good
    (White Kawai, red Fender Jazz Bass)
  11. Invincible
    (Manson M1D1 Black, tan Fender Jazz Bass)
  12. Supermassive Black Hole
    (Manson M1D1 Black, red Fender Jazz Bass)
  13. Plug In Baby
    (Manson M1D1 Mirror, red Fender Jazz Bass)
  14. Starlight
    (Manson M1D1 Mirror, red w/ maple neck Fender Jazz Bass)
  15. Time Is Running Out
    (Manson M1D1 Black, red Fender Jazz Bass)
  16. Stockholm Syndrome + Township Rebellion riff
    (Manson M1D1 Mirror, black Fender Jazz Bass)
  17. Knights of Cydonia + Space Dementia outro
    (Manson Chrome Bomber, Rickenbacker 4003)

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    1. Report

      Oooooooooohhhhhh yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh... great great great great concert!!!! I still do remember it as something really... BIG!!!

      2013 days ago