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22 Aug 2006
Eden Project, St. Austell, UK

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    Muse show
    Venue Eden Project
    Date 22nd August 2006
    Location Boldeva, St Austell
    Country United Kingdom
    Songs 16
    Support Hey Molly, Nixon and the Burn
    Start (UTC+1)19:20
    1. Knights of Cydonia + Space Dementia outro
    2. Hysteria
    3. Supermassive Black Hole (Kaoss Pad solo)
    4. Showbiz
    5. Map of the Problematique + Maggie's Farm outro
    6. Forced In (instrumental)
    7. Bliss (extended, octave higher final chorus)
    8. Butterflies & Hurricanes
    9. Feeling Good
    10. Invincible
    11. Starlight + Burning Bridges (instrumental)
    12. Plug In Baby
    13. New Born
    14. Adagio in G minor (instrumental) + Time Is Running Out
    15. Stockholm Syndrome
    16. Take a Bow

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      1. Report

        all brilliant but Butterflies and Hurricanes and Plug In Baby my favourites

        2947 days ago

      2. Report

        Tuesday 22nd August 2006. I woke up, threw on my pair of jeans and my Muse top and ran downstairs like a little kid on Christmas day. This day was going to be my first Muse concert ever and as they are my favourite band, this day meant everything. Also, I live in Cornwall so how often do you get to see Muse in your own county, especially one as deprived as Cornwall!!! We got to Eden at about 12 so had loads of time to wait. I started queuing really early on and was gobsmacked when I saw Chris, followed by Dom and then Matt, walk onto the stage to do a soundcheck. Oh my God it was incredible. Hours passed and the gates finally opened. I was right at the front and there right in front of me was Matt. They started with KoC and I thought I was dreaming. My heart was in my stomach and my stomach felt like it was in my mouth. I had tears in my eyes and butterflies in my stomach. Although breathing was hard because it was so cramped, I sang every word to every song as if my life depended on it, and how incredible was it when they ended KoC with the ending to Space Dementia!!! The night was spectacular and arms were thrown into air in absolute awe as the final note of Take a Bow was played. What a night to remember!

        3608 days ago

      3. Report

        I've been a fan since Showbiz and after seeing Glastonbury 04 on the Beeb, damn but I wanted to see Muse live...and believe me, even on a mini stage like Eden, they were beyond awesome... Chris, Dom - you guys are unbelieveable. And Matt - that soundcheck...eight thousand people in Eden turning to listen. What a moment.

        4101 days ago

      4. Report

        Yes, this was our first Muse gig... and it lived up to all our expecations, and more. We are (sadly) a whole family obsessed with Muse and regular visitors to Cornwall - what more could we have asked for on an August evening? They showcased two bands based in Devon/Cornwall (Hey Molly and Nixon and the Burn) and promoted the Helen Foundation.

        4102 days ago

      5. Report

        this was the 1st muse gig i have ever been to and i was not disappointed. the concert was brilliant and i now knoq why muse are the greatest live band ever. with songs from their new album, blackholes and revelations, like supermassive balckhole and starlight to old classics like plug in baby, this was one of the greatest concerts of my life...

        4106 days ago