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11 Jul 2015
BBK Live :: Bilbao, Spain

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      716 days ago

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      716 days ago

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      THANK YOU Muse for Citizen Erased... you made my summer!
      I notice a lot of people ask for the older stuff-- just FYI, more recent ones that I wish to see live someday: MK Ultra, and Panic Station

      716 days ago

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      719 days ago

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      Hey Muse, your fans from Chicago area just landed in Madrid en route to Bilbao. CITIZEN ERASED ... and City of Delusion, thanks for your consideration :-)

      721 days ago

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      Running with the bulls as an "opener" for a Muse gig? I am sure the band would be thrilled about that, I am sure the bull just love it too....oh, unless they then go on to get speared to death for the entertainment of a bunch of numbnut tourists of course.

      722 days ago

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      9 days til you play here! cant wait

      726 days ago

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      People, we are taking signs to the Muse crowd with the names Citizen Erased/Dead Star on it. You can do the same Hope they notice us!
      Gente, vamos a llevar carteles al concierto de muse con los nombres Citizen Erased/Dead Star en ellos. Podéis hacer lo mismo. ¡Ojalá nos hagan caso!

      732 days ago

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      Mmm, estoy ansiosa ya por verlos!!! Yo iré ese día para verlos a ellos y, menos mal que ya tengo la entrada, porque las del sábado 11 están AGOTADAS!!!

      745 days ago

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      hola, creia que solo vendian entradas para los tres dias

      774 days ago

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      Me parece que va a tocar a las 8:30 pm.
      En ticket master Dice la Hora.

      782 days ago

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      ¿Alguien sabe la hora que toca MUSE? ¿Si nadie lo sabe cuando se sabrá?

      782 days ago

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      Hola, si alguien no va a usar su código de preventa para Colombia, por favor me lo puede enviar a Muchas gracias!!!

      795 days ago

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      Hi, anybody that could gift me a code for Colombia? I'd thank you so much, mi e-mail is

      796 days ago

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      796 days ago