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    1 day ago

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    Wow ! I love this new sound ! Also thanks for the 80s atmosphere in the video !

    125 days ago

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    My bad - it was Franz Ferdinand I listened too. Ha! It seems I haven't heard it yet.

    127 days ago

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    Franz Ferdinand basically.

    127 days ago

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    It's already on the internet. It's pretty average, just like Dig Down was. Matt, you used to be such a wonderful songwriter. What happened?

    127 days ago

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    If it was my birthday (April's fool) I would think that you have allowed this massive leakage to release a completely different song tonight at 7.30pm GMT - As it's not, I'm the one who's hungrier than you, so watch out for my bite

    127 days ago

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    And I'm waiting patiently....

    127 days ago

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    It is the 15th. The agony of knowing any minute could be released continues.

    127 days ago

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    15th of Feb US? cos I'M in Australia and its the 15th already boys? lol - pretty dark lyrics.... you boys know of something apocalyptic is about to happen?? regardless, cant wait!

    127 days ago

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    127 days ago

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    I love it. I simply love it.

    127 days ago

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    They just try to rule out the fake fans.

    127 days ago

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    Bring it!

    127 days ago

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    lucastheboi, I hope for an album, just have that awful premonition

    127 days ago

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    theres finna be an album igorilla, Muse said it themselves

    128 days ago

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