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      Guess what... I'm going to meet'n greet Muse at Roskilde :) My son won a competetion. GONNA BE AWESOME!!!! CANT WAIT. And see the concert from on stage :D

      994 days ago

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      When this was first announced, I was so happy! I had voted for you guys to come to Roskilde, but since you weren't even on the "most likely to come"-list I didn't really think it would happen. But thank you from all of my heart!

      1135 days ago

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      YEEESSS! All statistic and my doctor say I will not live very long. I will see as many of your gigs around Europe as I can this spring and summer! Roskilde is for sure one of them!! That is the best way to keep alive long and in joy :)
      Please please please play INVINCIBLE

      1184 days ago

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      Please come to Pittsburgh again!!! I love you guys!!!

      1185 days ago

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      Thank you so much! Definitely going to be there! You probably already got some songs but if you get to play Citizen Erased or Dead Star it will just be AWESOME! :-)

      1185 days ago

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      Thank you! :D (Finally btw...)

      1185 days ago

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      YEAH!!!! Enough said :)
      Ill be there, front row

      1185 days ago

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      Please come to Turkey, I would die for it!

      1185 days ago

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      Thank you very much.

      1185 days ago

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