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Rock In Rio: Lisboa

  04 December 2017


PORTUGAL! Muse are headlining Rock In Rio in Lisbon on 23 June 2018.

Tickets available now.

View all upcoming tour dates here.



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      The best news! Already bought my ticket!

      6 days ago

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      Finally, I waited a lot for this. You are the best!!!

      9 days ago

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      that is so amazing, can not wait for june next year!

      9 days ago

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      What about Amsterdam!!

      Renee fc
      9 days ago

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      We need yoi in Perpignan, so many love you here, especially me!!! PLEASE DO IT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      10 days ago

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      10 days ago

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      We've got a new arena in Lyon, France. Coldplay played it this summer.Would you ?

      10 days ago

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      Hi! What about Lolla Paris? It's new.

      10 days ago

    11. Report

      Spain please!

      10 days ago

    12. Report

      Maybe some uk dates?

      10 days ago

    13. Report

      Yeahhhhh :) I'm in!

      10 days ago

    14. Report

      And Paris ?


      10 days ago

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