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  03 November 2015


Really excited to share this massive video we shot in Prague for our latest single “Revolt”. We wanted the video in black and white only using color to represent revolution.

Download the VRSE app to watch the Virtual Reality version!

Directed by Guy Shelmerdine



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    REVOLT making of

    164 days ago

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    oh my goood!!!!!! i love the video "revolt" kisses from argentina you roooock!!!!

    231 days ago

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    PLEASE READ IT!!!!!!! :D
    Great and awesome concert in Mexico 20/11/15 it was an incredible date for me bacause i told to my parents that i want that my gift of XV years was going to your concert and the most important enjoying it with my family, and i saw that you had been uploading concerts of others countries but you never had upload a concert of mexico in youtube, and i know that you have seen that MEXICO IS AN INSECURE, PASSIONATE, COUNTRY, and i know that your mexican fans are going to be exciting if you upload this concert of mexico (20/11/2015), please i know that day a girl was hurting you when you down in the concert but it can so exciting that for first time you upload a concert of mexico.
    I KNOW THAT IS A BIG FAVOUR BUT REAALY we enjoy your music and you are one of the bands that show us how we are, politic, economist, sociality, and that is one of the things that make me think that HOW IS POSSIBLE THAT THE PEOPLE WANTS TO LIKE ACTUALLY WE ARE, all of you make me understand that we have to be together and FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS.
    Please please tell me if you can and i if you cant please tell me.
    And sorry if we are a crazy country.

    232 days ago

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    241 days ago

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    Romacona I totally agree with you. On Friday, human drones killed 128 people in my country.

    250 days ago

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    "War just moved up a gear; I don't think I can handle the truth." Once again, muse's eerie insight into what has long since been happening makes them relevant and important in so many ways. With vast coverage of Paris massacre, I saw the jihadi john drone killing (glad they got him)...I too am feeling expendable

    251 days ago

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    I'm just really not feeling this song. I love you guys to death and Drones is a good album with some awesome songs, but Revolt is not one of them. In a way, it seems like a completely different band than the one that made mind-blowing songs like Space Dementia, Citizen Erased, or Knights of Cydonia. I was really hoping, along with I'm guessing a majority of your fans, that Reapers or The Handler would be the next single but I guess not. Either way I can't wait to see you guys live in January! <3

    251 days ago

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    Un video que nos transporta hacia un futuro no muy lejano. Me eriza la piel. Muse...

    254 days ago

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    Great video, but there are plenty of decent playback sites outside the walled garden of Crapple.

    254 days ago

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    2025 is not that far..

    255 days ago

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    video culiao penca, hueón jajaja

    258 days ago

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    Pure badass. Thank you so much Muse for 7 studio albums and many live albums. Cant wait til 8th album

    258 days ago

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    Thank's a lot for revolt; I loved the song from the beginning. The virtual reality video is sooo brilliant. MUSE thank you for everything, can't wait to see the drones-tour live.

    258 days ago

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    As I watched the new James Bond, Spectre, I could not help but think of the similarity of theme...a world that is being taken over by intrusive surveillance. Dead Inside would have been better title track that Sam Smith's "writing's on the wall"

    259 days ago

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    Great video, great message.

    260 days ago

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