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Reapers: Live in Cologne

  16 February 2016


Watch Muse perform "Reapers" at Gloria Theater in Cologne, Germany.

Recorded live on 30 June 2015.




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      6 years ago this happened:

      20 MAY 2010

      Due to the forthcoming arrival of a new member of the Muse family (baby Wolstenholme number 5), Muse are having to cancel 2 of their autumn US tour dates and reschedule two others.

      Regrettably, the KANSAS CITY show on November 2nd and the St. Louis show on November 3rd will no longer be taking place. 

      Though super bummed, we understood, life happens- right?

      Still, promises were made. . . . And patiently we've waited for you to keep true to that.

      I'm sorry guys but an appearance at kan-rock-sux doesn't count, it's not the same thing and you know it. In relationship terms it's the equivalent to standing up your date then trying to make amends by bringing her along on a triple date or something. . . . Not to mention kansas' tickets were so high that I couldn't have dome then even had I wanted to because they were requiring customers pay for all days or none at all. . . . What gives guys???

      Be the Difference guys!!

      193 days ago

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      Really looking forward to see you in berlin.
      Maybe you could play Invincible there, who knows ;)

      Until then: take care of yourselves guys.

      193 days ago

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      One of the best ! Waiting for Reapers in Nîmes <3

      193 days ago

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      Thanks for this amazing video!!!!

      193 days ago

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      194 days ago

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      Thank you. It's such a privilege to see you all playing close up. I always want to see your hands close up, Matt, because you make it look like you're just lightly caressing the strings. It's amazing. And your fingering is so perfectly symmetrical that the word? Like, perfectly parallel fingers. Beautiful! I'm getting wonky, now. :)

      194 days ago

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      We are waiting for Aftermath and Defector in Bercy :D

      194 days ago

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      waiting for Drones World Tour proshot \m/

      194 days ago

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      Muchas fotos....

      194 days ago

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      ...I wished to be there. MUSE you are the best. Can't wait for Munich and London.

      194 days ago

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