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New photo gallery!

  16 October 2012


There is a new gallery featuring photographs taken last week at the rehearsals for the European Tour online now!

Head over to IMAGES to get a sneak preview of the amazing new production featuring the inverted pyramid! 



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    i would like to say THANKYOU to all of the team that helped make the manchester gig so frigging amazing
    mat chris and dominic you were all so so fanbloomingtastic me and the misses was in the seats behing in row 221 but you playing to all the people behind the stage just goes to show how much your fans mean to you by playing a intire 306 degrees i would like to say that was the best gig i have ever been to and is going to take a hell of a lot of beating
    hope that you relese the gig on dvd for all to enjoy again and again
    thanks again

    1899 days ago

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    Please come to Atlanta, Georgia!!!

    1899 days ago

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    Just got back from the O2 in Dublin,totally amazing show

    1901 days ago

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    went to the 02 on Friday Oct 26th...the show was awesome..just proves you are the best in the world..thanks for a fantastic night guys....

    1905 days ago

  5. Report


    1907 days ago

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    Was at the O2 on Friday... Awesome! out of this world! Well done guys! Please, please confirm you'll be there at the Stade de France for the Fete de la Musique on 21 June. That would be fantastic. Patricia58

    1908 days ago

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    I was at 02 and it was fantastic

    1909 days ago

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    awesome..!!!! by the way, when you shake jakarta again? I look forward to and it will be a memory that will not be forgotten again, just like in the past you came to jakarta.!!!

    Dedy setiawan
    1909 days ago

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    Ouais le concert a nantes etait SUPER!! Muse rocks!!!

    1910 days ago

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    Concert poilant à Nantes le 22 octobre. Trop déchiranrt ! A voir et à revoir. J'ai hate !

    1910 days ago

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    wonderful show in Nantes!!!!! you are the BEST.....come back in France......again and again... we're waiting for you!!!!!!

    1912 days ago

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    I'd like to post a comment on your statement in an NME-interview that you cannot imagine, how your present stage production could be any better. --- Is this really the end of your imagination??? Have you seriously never thought of building the light stuff AROUND the audience instead of just close to it? At the moment you bring yourselves close to your audience, but you still leave them outside to gaze at you in wonder. Have you never thought of building a stage production not just around yourselves, but also around the people who watch you? And I am not just talking about the pathetic bit of a walk-way used by U2, but about a video-screen based thing. This would be cool...

    1912 days ago

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    Amazing show in Nantes yesterday !! That was incredible !!!

    1913 days ago

  14. Report

    super gig yesterday night in Nantes ! Waiting for the Stade de France in June !

    1913 days ago

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    What did I predict for the 4th night? "Will-on". What happened? "Will-on". --- I KNEW it, and now I am off to deal with my own deductions...

    1913 days ago

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