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Muse To Appear On Saturday Night Live

  29 August 2012


Muse will be appearing on Saturday Night Live on October 6th alongside guest host Daniel Craig!

For more information check out the SNL website here.



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    new jersey? please please please just one stop

    2035 days ago

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    Forgot to add: The new guitar and bass are terrific although will miss the Manson Glitterati! Matt's voice was very crisp. They showed their years of experience and how great they really are. The 2nd Law will be fabulous live. Will love to hear Follow Me and Explorers live. You must come to Texas!

    2083 days ago

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    Very polished performance! The guys were well dressed (maybe Matt going to Kate's stylist!); love Matt's leather coat. Fantastic guitar solo on "Madness"; great choice to do "Panic Station" for second song. The brass section added great funk and groove for the New York audience. Awesome segueway to kick off the North American Tour. COME TO TEXAS PLEASE!

    2083 days ago

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    I live in NY so its going to be hard to get tickets but I'm going to go and be there watching live! and USA tour is in 2013 but i can't wait so I'm going to SPAIN next month!

    2103 days ago

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    DVR on lock & load!!! this will not be deleated

    2105 days ago

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    By the way-still pissed at NBC for cutting your amazing performance (that I had to watch on youtube) at the Closing Ceremonies!

    2106 days ago

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    MUSE<3 You guys need to come to Cleveland, Ohio! Matt, Chris, & Dom-you make me cry! Madness is beautiful.

    2106 days ago

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    Watching it! <3

    2106 days ago

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    Where the @^&* are the U.S. tour dates?

    2107 days ago

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    Let's hope Muse will take the effort and include Florida to the next US tour, Miami and Tampa, please!

    2112 days ago

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    Trying REALLY HARD to find someone who has tickets for this SNL show and is willing to part with them. You get SNL tickets on a lottery system that you sign up for once a year in August. Maybe someone is willing to sell theirs?? PLEASE??

    2115 days ago

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    Ahh, can't wait to second law's singles to be played..

    Greetings from Indonesia, Cheers !

    2117 days ago

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    Can't wait!
    I really wish Muse would come to Lebanon on their tour!

    2117 days ago

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    Quelle joie que d'ouvrir la radio et de tomber sur une chanson de Muse!

    2118 days ago

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    As a Pittsburgh Muse fan, I will be watching this. <3 And yes, NBC does suck for cutting out THE THEME OF THE OLMPICS from the Olmpics. Poor Muse <3

    2118 days ago

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