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Muse Halloween Special

  28 October 2016



Performed by MUSE - Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme
Engineered by Tommaso Colliva
Assisted by: Tom Bailey
Recorded at Air Studios (London, UK)

Mixed and Mastered by Rich Costey
Assistant Engineer Martin Cooke and Nicolas Fournier
Mix Assistant: Mario Borgatta
Mixed and Mastered at Sound Factory Studios. Los Angeles, CA.

Director - Tom Kirk
Production Company - Banoffee Sky
Director of Photography - Matt Hayslett
Actress - Miss Miranda
Makeup - Elle Favorule
Hair Stylist - Sara Seward
Editing - Simon Bennett
Graphics - Clare Julia
Additional Editing - Rowan Glenn

Special thanks to Loyal Studios, Gayle Fine, Chris Whitemyer, Brooke, Colin, Gill and Lloyd

Written by Erick Purkiser and Kirsty Wallace
Published by ©1981 EMI Longitude Music (BMI)



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    this is hella awesome XD

    20 days ago

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    Lux Interior he ain't..But I still love this version...Garbage Man or Human Fly next please.....

    21 days ago

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    Pretty good material.

    30 days ago

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    I Totally agree with other True MUSE FANS ! (goldor94 ) STOP POSTING YOUR INANE CRAP 'jeremy1111' ON OUR SITE & Find a relevant Forum to post your CRAP, Moron !

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    Matt turned into Elvis xD omg i love this vid.

    66 days ago

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    idk what this was, but i liked it

    74 days ago

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    Ok; moderators died, I understand ....

    92 days ago

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    97 days ago

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