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Muse HAARP tour voted Wembley's Greatest Event

  28 June 2011


Fans have voted in their thousands to crown Muse the winners of Wembley's Greatest Event competition. There was fierce competition from the likes of Michael Jackson, Queen and Live Aid not to mention England's triumphant World Cup performance in 1966. But thanks to the incredible support of Muse fans - the HAARP tour in 2007 is now officially Wembley's Greatest Event. Muse were the first act to play in the new Wembley Stadium and now their Greatest Event victory will be marked with a permanent installation at Wembley Stadium which sport and music fans can enjoy for years to come. 




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  1. Report

    Best news ever!!!!!!!

    Barbie Wells
    2402 days ago

  2. Report

    oh yeah thats so epic!

    2424 days ago

  3. Report

    so did i!

    2433 days ago

  4. Report

    i helped 'em win!

    2434 days ago

  5. Report

    Fucking brilliant and I'm so glad I was there! x

    2435 days ago

  6. Report

    of course.. after queen in 1986

    2440 days ago

  7. Report

    That was a fantastic show. I just could'nt believe the talent of the three of you all. You all deserve everything you get.

    Barbie Wells
    2440 days ago

  8. Report

    I remember the funny momment of dom slips on wembley rehersal :D

    2444 days ago

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    well.....being an old guy (55), I would've voted for Queen in 1986, but I must say Muse is my favorite rock band from this current generation, I've seen them three times in the last 16 months and they totally rock your face off!! Congrats mates!

    2453 days ago

  10. Report

    OMG That's no lie. Born performers they are and deserve all that recognition! Glad I rock out to them!

    2456 days ago

  11. Report

    Fantastic video. Especially memorable for me as I appear in it, albeit for about half a second!

    2457 days ago

  12. Report


    2459 days ago

  13. Report

    Yes, I voted!

    2460 days ago

  14. Report

    my congrats :D you are the best , well i've voted nearly 20 times x)

    Doudou muser
    2461 days ago

  15. Report

    Yay! Absolutely great! Congrats

    2462 days ago

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