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  04 November 2014


Muse are currently recording their seventh studio album with producer Mutt Lange.

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    Absolutely loved concert @ prudential center in Newark New Jersey!!!!! 1/29/2016!!!! The band was AWESOME!! Pru Center great! I'm handicap I still had a wonderful time! Thank you !

    750 days ago

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    1087 days ago

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    Can't wait to see you in Lisbon this year... Porto 2013 was amazing by the way! You are by far the best live band!

    1088 days ago

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    So excited for the new album! Can't wait to hear all the songs you've made.... Make sure to come back to Scotland soon! <3

    1095 days ago

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    I truly hope you'll come to Estonia as well! Last gig here was wonderful, can't wait to see you live again :)

    1098 days ago

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    Come to Colombia please!!

    1098 days ago

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    Este álbum, por lo que entendí, va a ser tipo como los de principios de MUSE, por la letra, y la música va a ser como el estilo de Black Holes And Revelations.

    1102 days ago

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    So excited waiting the new songs! Please don't forget to come back to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, we miss you!!!

    1107 days ago

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    I can't wait for the new album!!

    1114 days ago

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    Supermassively excited about new album! Loving the teaser photos on Instagram and hope album released very very soon. Can't wait to see you plsy live again when you tour with new album. Your performances are incredible. Best live band ever xx

    1115 days ago

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    Please come to pittsburgh again!!

    1115 days ago

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    can't wait to hear new songs!!
    please don't forget to come to Mexico... we miss u and we're waiting for u anxiously!!

    1115 days ago

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    I saw you in Rome, Turin 2013 . Can you please come to Asia Singapore, Manila, Hong kong.
    Would be great to see you there.

    1121 days ago

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    Como hice con los 2 anteriores, primero lo voy a escuchar pirateado y si me gusta lo compro por que hace rato vienen a la baja. De los últimos 2 discos rescato Uprising, Survival y Animals, todo el restos de los temas me sobran

    1130 days ago

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    2015-2016 will be ruled by MUSE on radio and live in concert around the World. I look forward to New York or Northeast area shows.

    1132 days ago

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