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Drones World Tour: London Photos

  04 April 2016


Check out the new gallery from the Drones World Tour in London at The O2 on 3 April 2016 now.

All photos by Hans-Peter van Velthoven



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    whats this? interesting

    505 days ago

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    It is great))) Your quality of Music is so great and of high quality that now I am beginning to distinguish the bad seeds from good seeds.

    641 days ago

  3. Report

    I would like one day just talking to you but I imagine it's like a dream but I have important things to tell you about the great importance you have for me and all your fans.
    You're a genious Matt and after the 12th Muse gigs I have attended (never done this before for any groups) do you realize the impact your music have on us ?
    You must go on doing so great music and give us so much happiness I must have my Muse injection every 1 or 2 day and my favourites are the dvd concerts.
    Please more dvd concerts !
    Please one day call me (I precise I could be your mother in order not to mislead my intention).
    my cell phone 33 6 64 97 88 05 my name is christiane hachet and I'll be there in Garorock and in Nimes despaite I am disable.

    christiane hachet
    695 days ago

  4. Report

    hi, yep we'll all be watching Glasto no doubt, I pray to all the gods they don't mess us around with the coverage!!

    700 days ago

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    Musehoney - we'll all have to be content with watching the beeb's coverage of Glastonbury! They usually broadcast the entire set of the headliners. Hope they do for Muse!!

    702 days ago

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    Absolutely brilliant live had a blast

    702 days ago

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    Honestly the best night of my life! And got to hear Assassin! What a treat! So honered to see them in person and to be stood right on the barrier! So worth the 13 hour que! ♡

    703 days ago

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    demented: you are so lucky! We only made it to Mon 11.
    And have been left wanting more really bad!
    L-miller: forgot about Glasgow sorry!
    I wonder if they'll do some more dates here later?

    703 days ago

  9. Report

    So excited reading all your comments Going to both nights in Glasgow. Can't wait

    704 days ago

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    musehoney - those of us who were lucky enough to see them on this tour will never get over it!! We went to all five nights at the O2 - it cost us an arm and a leg!! We've seen them 19 times now - our first in 2004 at Earls Court. They just get better and better and better. Thanks so much to the band for bringing so much pleasure to us die-hards (and for doing Apocalypse Please and Assassin on Thursday!) Can't wait for the next time.
    Southview-lyn: good on ya - respect!

    704 days ago

  11. Report

    Is it OK to officially in mourning now UK tour dates finished? Or do I need to try and get over it? : (

    704 days ago

  12. Report

    please post more photos from the london gigs! was there on the 12th & 14th, they were amazing as always.

    705 days ago

  13. Report

    Tonight vip style 😀

    705 days ago

  14. Report

    Saw you on Monday at the 02 just amazing 😀 were going again vip style so excited

    705 days ago

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    I was there on Monday 11th and they were awesome. Was in the seated area but I stood up, along with everyone else, and sang, danced and cried. I may well have been the oldest Muse fan there (70) and travelled on my own by train from Weymouth, (husband not interesting), stayed over and then back home the next day. Haven't stopped listening to the cd as I need my Muse fix. They are by far the best band around and Matt's voice is mesmerising

    706 days ago

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