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Dig Down: Lyric Video

  22 August 2017


Watch the new lyric video for "Dig Down" and congratulations to our competition winner, Ed, who found the hidden VHS tape.


Produced by Banoffee Sky
Directed by Rowan Glenn and Tom Kirk
Editing and VFX - Rowan Glenn
Director of Photography - Matt Hayslett
Intro filmed by - Charlie Rude
Additional GFX - Simon Bennet and Clare Julia



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      Absolutely brilliant lyrics - empowering / motivating & inspires to keep fighting the good fight - for truth & freedom. Dig down and rise up against all odds!

      104 days ago

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      I am sorry....I adore you but...whilst good...This is not gonna satisfy us original and enduring fans
      We have gone through a lot and yes we know you can easily and brilliantly emulate other rock styles.
      But I don't think I am alone in stating...we want the original Muse back. What made us fall in love with you in the beginning...carrots n all..
      Your rock. Your amazing, sometimes heavy, sometimes romantic, you...
      We miss you.
      Be you. Now chuck me out...

      187 days ago

    6. Report

      I regret to say it: at first I thought Dig Down was an easy song.
      But it's not.
      Respect again Muse.

      192 days ago

    7. Report

      I like it so much! 9 years I love Muse and
      these are the best years of my life!

      204 days ago

    8. Report


      205 days ago

    9. Report

      i love this song!!!

      205 days ago

    10. Report

      Great video <3 <3

      206 days ago

    11. Report

      Amazing video! And congrats to the winner of the contest! Have fun!

      210 days ago

    12. Report

      Love it!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

      211 days ago

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