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Cancelled: São Paulo Show at Grand Metropole

  03 April 2014


To our fans in Brazil,

It is with great sadness that we have to cancel the show tomorrow (Thursday 3rd April) at Grand Metropole here in São Paulo due to illness.

It is our hope that with the additional rest, we will be able to assure the Lollapalooza show on Saturday goes ahead as planned.

The ticket holders for this cancelled show can refer to the details below.

With Regret,
Matt, Dom, and Chris

Those holding tickets for the April 3rd Grand Metropole Show:
The tickets for the Grand Metropole show will grant access to the Lollapalooza festival, for April 5th or 6th, without the need for an exchange. People holding Metropole tickets only need to present their ticket at the entrance of the festival, for either day.
For those who choose reimbursement, it shall be required from April 7th on, following the procedures below (only with the presentation of the original tickets):
Clients who have purchased tickets at box offices (venue or POS):
a.        Go to the same box office in which ticket was purchased;
b.      Present the original ticket;
c.       In case purchase was with cash, reimbursement will be made with deposit into bank account;
d.      In case purchase was with Debit Card, the amount will be credit back to same Debit Card;
e.      In case purchase was with Credit Card, the amount will be credit back to the same card’s invoice within 20 days.
Clients who have purchased tickets through internet or call center
a.       Clients will need to send a requisition for reimbursement to, with number of transaction, email and full name;
b.      Wait for a special postal code (to be sent by ticketing company) so to send back the original ticket  (for those who used Showpass, Mastercard or e-ticket option there is no need to send ticket back;
c.      Reibursement will be provided after the arrival of tickets to the same Credit Card used on the transaction, and clientes will receive na email from Credit Card’s company confirming the cancelation of operation.



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    get well soon Matt. hope your back to rocking out soon! :D

    948 days ago

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    Get well Matt !!!

    948 days ago

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    I want to know how is Matt!! We send you all of the love you need to get better and to continue rocking out! Best wishes from Argentina bro.

    979 days ago

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    .....get well Matt , then come back to good old blighty ( and rock our socks off !! ) @:>

    981 days ago

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    We're waiting on Muse gig in Poland! :)

    990 days ago

  7. Report

    How is Matt??

    991 days ago

  8. Report

    get well soon, matt...

    993 days ago

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    In Hounor For mat's illness my band played plug in baby :) get well soon mat ! YOU ARE SO AMAZING DOMINIC HOWARD !

    993 days ago

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    Come to Moscow please guys :(((

    993 days ago

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    996 days ago

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    Get well and rest up Matt!! Can't imagine a future not hearing Muse!!

    998 days ago

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    hello everyone view my video on reviewing The 2nd Law Deluxe Box set
    here is the link

    1001 days ago

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    bon rétablissement mat !!!

    1008 days ago

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    Hope you get well soon!!!

    1016 days ago

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