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#ASKMUSE Twitter Q&A Monday 18th February @ 18:30 GMT

  17 February 2013


Muse will be taking to Twitter again tomorrow evening to answer your questions prior to their gig at Shepherd's Bush Empire in aid of War Child.

The band will be online for 30 minutes from 18:30 GMT so make sure you tune in and tweet us the questions you want answered using the hashtags #askmuse and #warchildmuse.

You can follow all the action on Twitter by searching for #askmuse or view the whole chat on our microsite.

See you then!



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    1880 days ago

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    chezzacelle, I was at the same concert and had the same problem. I would love to get something resolved as well. For VIP prices I expected a lot more. Please post if you get anywhere.

    1886 days ago

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    (sorry, classically trained, performer and teacher lol!)

    1888 days ago

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    Nothing wrong with being classically influenced (I'm a classical pianist!) Just curious because I can't be the only one who likes mixing all the different musics together and being able to love and enjoy all sorts of music, not just moshy stuff or snobbish stuff lol! :-D Chopin and Muse work for me!

    1888 days ago

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    what's wrong with being classically influenced??

    1889 days ago

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    we purchased premium VIP tickets Oct 10 2012 for the Feb 4 Calgary concert date. The seats we were given were in an area tapped off and unusable because the stage platform blocked any view of the one was there to help us. Security did a 'reloc' but our seats were not premium at all . We have tried to reach out to CID entertainment ,and the saddledome but no one will resolve the fact we spent $220 each for seats that were $80. The concert was amazing but we should have received what we paid for. Is there someone else we can reach out to

    1890 days ago

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    HatemeAndIWillFollowYou I didn't see ANY of mine :( oh well next time. Just seen the livestreaming - incredible. Roll on 25th May!

    1890 days ago

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    i cannot watch the live concert, just the stupid youtube :| face...

    1890 days ago

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    @Vikbat : I also wonder, I have posted 13 tweets anbd only saw one of it in the #askmuse link... (and I didn't get any answer btw ^^ )

    1890 days ago

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    Hmm why didn't my question show up on the Q bit of the #Ask Muse link??

    1890 days ago

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    Noooon je dois aller manger!!! :(( J'

    1890 days ago

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    they are late :-O!

    1890 days ago

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    Swedes!!!! Please ask why they didnt reschedule the Stockholm gig! That's what I am going to ask them, but since only a small part of the questions asked will be answered I suggest you to ask the same thing. I really want to hear the answer to that one haha...

    1890 days ago

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    Bring on May 25th!

    1890 days ago

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    I'm so exited for this too! guys can please check out a mix i did of MUSE its 8min long but its worth it because supremacy kills it!!

    1890 days ago

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