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A Big Thank You

  28 September 2009


The band would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has bought The Resistance over the last two weeks. The official charts are still coming in, but so far it has reached the number 1 spot in 19 different countries plus the European chart, bringing that to a grand total of 20 number 1s! Not only this, but it also entered the Billboard chart in the USA at 3 and in Japan, Portugal and Spain at number 2.

See you on the road...



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    vive FANS ^^

    2832 days ago

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    One for the ages, to be sure! I really enjoy the range and meshing of genres, from the grand theatrics of Queen to the dark undertones of Depeche Mode, this album offers it all, with a dash of barbed intellect to boot! Looking forward to more!

    2992 days ago

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    ist alles kein Wunder bei diesen Jungs.Sie haben die MUSE eben im Blut..Wahnsinns Musiker!!

    3012 days ago

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    We bought the album + the Audiophile collector box as pre-commands... We didn't want to fight to get it as hard we had to fight to succeed in getting the first boxes : Showbiz-Origin of Symmetry and Absolution... This is our little help for the band

    3066 days ago

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    I got it the day it came out here in argentina. Simply a piece of art. You are great guys!

    3093 days ago

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    la musica mas linda se encuentra con muse

    3096 days ago

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    Looking forward to see you next week in Oslo:-D I am seeing you live for the first time and it is going to bee awesome:) To hear the new songs being played:)

    3108 days ago

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    got it the day it came out.! such a brilliant album.!

    3112 days ago

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    i feel very sad, because the resistance (and of course the previous albums) are excellent... but still i don't get to listen to muse in local radio stations here in Mexico, or been programmed more often in latin music channels like MTV or VH1... i'm

    3112 days ago

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    I've managed to get tickets for the second Sydney Big Day out, only to see you guys, but all your Aussie fans are hoping for some Muse concerts later in the year as well! Love the new album too.

    3113 days ago

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    Excelente el album !!!! please please come back to South America , Colombia will be ready to another awesome concert :D Muse Rocks!!!

    3115 days ago

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    The album is wonderful love it, please tour Australia after the BDO it would be great to see a whole concert.

    3117 days ago

  13. Report

    LOVE the album you guys!! Brilliant album!! WOULD love for you guys to TOUR AUSTRALIA on your own.. There are a lot of Australians here waiting for you guys to TOUR again. Not all of us can get to BDO. Would love the opportunity to experience a MUS

    3118 days ago

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    me encanta el disco y el dvd que viene en el me siento cien % unida a la Resistencia ME GUSTARIA TENER ALGO MAS DE MUSE LO AMO!!! FELICITACIONES UN DISCO BELLISIMO

    3119 days ago

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    I play Muse for everyone who rides in my car - what are YOU doing for "The Resistance"?... :-)

    3119 days ago

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