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Wembley Stadium Rehearsals September 2010


Photographer: Hans-Peter Van Velthoven
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Wembley Stadium Rehearsals September 2010
Location: London, United Kingdom


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    ❤I love you Dom❤ WE'LL DIE,WE DIE TOGETHER!

    1717 days ago

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    dom an skinnies...dreamy....

    2310 days ago

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    Looks like Dom and Chris r havin a great time! x)

    Museianist <3
    2345 days ago

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    Relayionship between these guys deserves respect!

    Last rainbow
    2351 days ago

  5. Report

    Are they getting a time out? Ha-ha-ha that's funny.

    2380 days ago

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    lovely GUYS ! ?

    2504 days ago

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    Why are they fenced in?

    2525 days ago

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    Dear Muse, we very love you and want very much to hearing from you zhivuyu.My know that you have already scheduled concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in Kiev, but we live very far from Moscow (Peter and Kiev) in Siberia and we would like You prop

    2618 days ago

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    I love Dom´s t-shirt :D

    2621 days ago

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    Lovely Dom..hmmm

    2633 days ago

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    dom:drums are better chris:noooo bass dom and chris start to laugh........dom: no but seriosly

    2648 days ago

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    @annielovesmuse Whahha yeah, Im almost sure he's Dutch. xD SuperAwesome picture btw:3 <3

    2659 days ago

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    wwhhhowhoho look at the photographer's name, that is sick!

    2660 days ago

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    cute guys

    2669 days ago

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    lol :)

    Avril-NOT lavigne
    2676 days ago