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VMAs, NY September '09


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: VMAs, NY September '09
Gig: Walter Kerr Theatre (VMAs), New York City, NY, USA
Location: New York City, United States


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    One night only!!!

    1544 days ago

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    I watched this on tv and my little bro walked into the room and said "oh i love these guys!!" and then I said, "Oh you deserve a hug!"

    2472 days ago

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    yeah i remember that night !!! on tv hahaha :D

    2723 days ago

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    funny how i always miss out on these things. life sucks when it comes to something like this.

    Avril-NOT lavigne
    2799 days ago

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    That was a great performance.

    2805 days ago

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    oops forgot 2 add that my dad went withiut me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

    2855 days ago

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    hey i saw them perform on tv!!!

    2855 days ago

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    same here :(

    2874 days ago

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    Wish I was there...

    2896 days ago

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    I was there by far the best night of my life defiantly worth the 4 hour wait to get in

    2901 days ago

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    one night only!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2932 days ago

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    i saw muse in the mtv awards! it was awesome! but when I was in new york I did't see this

    2954 days ago

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    we want to see that writing at turkey!! please come turkey!

    2962 days ago

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    come to Australia we love you guys so much i would buy all the tickets so i can have muse all to myself... if i can afford all the tickets... but that would be so kool if i could do that

    Ur Knight Of Cydonia
    2963 days ago

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    you wanna know what i screamed in my house as i watched this crazy i know but it was just so cool i hope they will soon have more tour dates in the USA!! Chicago maybe PLEASE

    2964 days ago