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VMAs, NY September '09


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: VMAs, NY September '09
Gig: Walter Kerr Theatre (VMAs), New York City, NY, USA
Location: New York City, United States


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    ~ "J'ai vu la lumière, en passant par là, elle était si belle, qu'elle m'a conduit chez toi..."
    Mais la lumière était en réalité une partie de toi... ~

    1781 days ago

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    He's being carried off by aliens. His dream. :D lol

    2444 days ago

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    heavenly... XXXXXXXOOOOOOO :)

    2482 days ago

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    @TheFons97 Didn't know that, that's so perfect for Matt! :D

    2523 days ago

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    Did you guys know that the name Matthew really means 'Gift of God'? Awesome! : D And so true.

    2523 days ago

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    Ok, again with the random sack of sand just perfectly placed over Matt's head? Really?

    2594 days ago

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    I wanna play that piano XD ..or any piano he owns.

    2602 days ago

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    the heavens brought us muse to protect our lives n souls from justin bieber! xD

    2649 days ago

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    Muse should do starlight or Undisclosed Desires if they perform @ tha VMA's.They BETTER win!!!! ppl need 2 know Muse more!!

    Muse&Greenday fan
    2672 days ago

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    and the light shines upon him... truly a god!

    2693 days ago

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    you know? my piano happens to be kawai, like his, and thats my pride :DDDDD

    2701 days ago

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    best picture EVER. Matt Bellamy, you are awesome.

    2746 days ago

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    "TWEET FOR MATT BELLAMY TOMORROW! #Happybirthdaymatt"

    2746 days ago

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    :o hey it's GOD! God's don't die man, don't be afraid!!!!! :) zomg I loves himz!!!

    2747 days ago

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    omg if i was a guy i would need a new pair of pants... Matt is a god... LOVE HIM and LOVE this pic!!

    2759 days ago