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VMAs, NY September '09


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: VMAs, NY September '09
Gig: Walter Kerr Theatre (VMAs), New York City, NY, USA
Location: New York City, United States


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    the sweetest face!

    2355 days ago

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    It's a shame he's dating Kate Hudson... anyway, he's the love of my life. ?

    2355 days ago

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    such a sweet face. <3

    2386 days ago

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    He's so beautiful ! ! ! ! ! ! MATT I LOVE YOU !

    2394 days ago

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    Had the privilege of Muse on my flight to San Francisco few months ago from London. As I was working the flight I respected the boys privacy and was in awe so unfortunately didn't talk to them. Desperate to see them in concert hope I can get tickets
    2422 days ago

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    Irresistable Matt...(sigh)

    2425 days ago

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    i love Matt! he always looks great and cute

    2430 days ago

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    I'd like to comment on Chris. You can't really see him but HE'S STILL THERE! I imagine his face to be like: WTF is that woman doing?!

    2431 days ago

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    oh my god,i want to be that girl GRR

    2438 days ago

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    Hahaha envy you girl . Dom's face ! haha it's really cute !?

    2468 days ago

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    doms laugh in interviews kill me... DAYME he is so dang cute!!!!! oh yh btw all the other things about him make me feel like i'm gonna faint over him.

    2471 days ago

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    Who's that!!?? I want to be that girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2498 days ago

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    Dominic looks funny here too!

    Muse&Greenday fan
    2506 days ago

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    hahahaha Dom looks like nice girl! btw he looks very sweet @green.girl96 if those blue eyes drive u crazy, dom's smile kill me!!!! :P

    2508 days ago

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    luvvvvv those blue eyes....they drive me crazy

    2510 days ago