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Twitpics 4 // European Tour 2009


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Twitpics 4 // European Tour 2009
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


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      Ah, this is exactly what I do most days. I can't wait to see you guys in America! I'll be in Orlando with you!

      1870 days ago

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      Their camera is probably ok..i think this is due to local weed =D

      2354 days ago

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      TheFons97: I have that same feeling, çause I live close to Amsterdam! ;O

      2354 days ago

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      the muse crew on bicycles. what more could you want?

      Avril-NOT lavigne
      2423 days ago

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      Oh my god! I can't belive I missed them when they were in Holland... My heart would stop if I suddenly saw Muse cycling through the streets of AmsterdamxD.. :3 I would love to see this photos in good quality! xD

      2511 days ago

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      love the quality of these pics ((=

      2693 days ago

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      You gotta love the quality of their pics. XD Kirky rawrr.

      2695 days ago

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      moi je dis caassosse

      2713 days ago

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      Muse_Lover929 really? are not chriz n matt?

      ? paunini howard bellamy wolztenholme ?
      2792 days ago

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      Mayra_123 Its Chris and Tom=) =) haha

      2820 days ago

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      i can see you tom

      2838 days ago

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      who is that???

      2845 days ago