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Twitpics 2 // Teignmouth, Paris, Berlin & NYC


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Twitpics 2 // Teignmouth, Paris, Berlin & NYC
Gig: Walter Kerr Theatre (VMAs), New York City, NY, USA
Location: New York City, United States


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  1. Report

    Matt: I was thinking you could play giant version of these......
    Dom: Matt...have you been at the sweeties again?

    1258 days ago

  2. Report

    Matt' : Is it good ?!
    Dom' : Yes, yes Matt' .... -_-

    1725 days ago

  3. Report

    Matt: Machen wir das richtig?
    Dom: Eeeeeh!!

    1793 days ago

  4. Report

    Dom seems afraid that Matt will break somethingXD Anyway great t-shirt Matt ;)

    1844 days ago

  5. Report

    of course matt goes to play with the red things. he is so silly, like child.


    1928 days ago

  6. Report

    Matt plays the cups, Dom plays the TITS. Doesn't sound exactly right.

    1928 days ago

  7. Report

    Matt: See I can play drums too! Dom: Stop it! ; Matt you're giving me a headache!!!!

    1928 days ago

  8. Report

    matt learning how to play drums on the cups xD

    2001 days ago

  9. Report

    they're thinking how to shufflin'

    2159 days ago

  10. Report

    Matt: Have I skills to play drumms? Dom: Sure, sure (thinking) please don't break nothing

    2524 days ago

  11. Report

    Matt : Hey, i think that you should use this instead of drums and put them on your head with wine ands some pickles so you'd be drumwaiter !!! I think it's great ,i think, seriously...please just answer wancker ! Dom : Are you talking to me ? Ah yeah

    2582 days ago

  12. Report

    aw cute pic : D ?

    2590 days ago

  13. Report

    new way to play the drums

    muse#1fan in the world
    2591 days ago

  14. Report

    Matt: NO DOM. This is how you drum.

    2611 days ago

  15. Report

    If anybody could help i really need a fan mail address because i have a lot of artwork that i have drawn/painted myself that i want to send them but it can't get lost in the mail or else i would die cause this stuff has taken me years PLEASE HELP!!

    2612 days ago