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The 2nd Law Launch Shows London and Paris


Photographer: Hans-Peter Van Velthoven
Gallery: The 2nd Law Launch Shows London and Paris
Gig: Olympia, Paris, France
Location: Paris, France


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    1769 days ago

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    Ca n'est pas une guitare mais une BASSE ...

    1806 days ago

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    Je suis en admiration devant cette guitare.. C'est incroyable ce que l'on a la chance d'avoir comme instruments de musique à notre époque !!! And Chris enjoy your job working with that guitar.. C'est cool.

    1810 days ago

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    Happy BD Chris!

    1816 days ago

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    I have to say, the photographer is brilliant.

    1861 days ago

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    He's got the doublenecked custom bass with the kitara, he's singing backup for Madness not lead for Save Me...I can't wait for Liquid state!

    1866 days ago

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    he's singing. i cant believe that. he's singing .and i love this song. SAVE ME :S

    1866 days ago

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    Nice shot!

    1869 days ago

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    ....Save me!.... Thank you so much, Chris, - for your songs - for your voice (it sounds so beautiful) - for your very private lyrics (so human, so vulnerable)..... I can't wait to hear you at Munich in a few weeks :´-))) All the best for you!!

    1872 days ago

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    ...I can't find the words to say...

    1872 days ago

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    Save me!

    1872 days ago

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    I can't to wait to hear you singing at Bercy !!!!!

    1872 days ago

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    me encanta como toca el bajo :DD

    ??•??NaDia BeLlaMy ??•??
    1873 days ago

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    When I see him I´m so jealous at Kelly.

    MK Ultra Michaela
    1873 days ago

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    Handsome chris!! I like his voice in 'Save me'.
    And i love to see chris singing with his eyes closed.

    1873 days ago