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Stadio Olimpico, Rome, July 2013


Photographer: Hans Peter Van Velthoven
Gallery: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, July 2013
Gig: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy
Location: Rome, Italy


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      This is a fantastic photo of you guys c: I've been a fan of you guys ever since I could remember having a favorite band, before kindergarten I believe, and now I am fourteen and a half years old and many of my life choices have been influenced by you guys and I could not be happier with my life. Although you may not see this, thank you so much all of you! Hopefully I could see you by the time I turn 16, you should have a concert August 4. 2015 in Reno, Nevada so I would be able to spend my big 16 in the best possible way. Thanks again and I love you all with all my heart, Matt, Dom and Chris.
      Much love,
      December c: <3

      1618 days ago

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      Pretty picture:3

      1633 days ago

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      Yeeeeeeees!!! Happy birthday Chris!!! :D We love you :)

      1659 days ago

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      ...Chris - best wishes to your birthday...have a nice day, have always luck and be blessed...

      1659 days ago

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      Wonderful picture!!!!!!

      1664 days ago