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Stadio Olimpico, Rome, July 2013


Photographer: Hans Peter Van Velthoven
Gallery: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, July 2013
Gig: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy
Location: Rome, Italy


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    I was there.I still see you last July in Roma and now I'll wait for next 14 may in's my birthday and you make me a great gift! Cerbiatta

    895 days ago

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    My dream is to attend one of their Rome concerts..

    976 days ago

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    Happy Birthday Matt, see you soon!!!cheers!

    Martine Tschirret
    990 days ago

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    09. June 2015: Happy Birthday Matthew - have a lucky day and have a lucky life

    990 days ago

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    1224 days ago

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    My baby Matt... I love you a lot... <3 I dream of meeting you every day and night <3 <3 i wish that dream would become true to meet my love <3<3<3<3<3<3

    1313 days ago

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    Happy Birthday Matthew !!!!!!! Cheers ! =)

    1355 days ago

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    Happy Birthday Matt! :D
    Hope it's a good one!
    All musers will be with you today! <3

    1355 days ago

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    Happy b-day Matt!!!! This is a special day and your fans will be with you everywhere you are :)

    1355 days ago

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    Happy birthday Matthew!!! Hope you will have a wonderful day! Love from France.

    1355 days ago

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    Happy Birthday Matthew *-* Love you sooo much!! Kiss from France ;) Aah vivement le prochain album :D <3

    1355 days ago

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    Happy birthday Matt!!!!:D

    1355 days ago

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    Happy Birthday Matt !!! Good luck for the next album ! we love you :) Cheers !

    1355 days ago

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    Happy Birthday, my dear Matt, and thank you for your beautiful music!

    1355 days ago

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!!! "Wszystkiego najlepszego " from POLAND :D A lot of lucky, health and inspiration :) For Musers you are (guitar) hero, we love you <3

    Marlena :)
    1355 days ago