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Stadio Olimpico, Rome, July 2013


Photographer: Hans Peter Van Velthoven
Gallery: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, July 2013
Gig: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy
Location: Rome, Italy


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      Matt is hotter year to year wow o.O

      1339 days ago

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      You are great on stage, guys!!!

      1532 days ago

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      Here's comes the genius, this morning was so lucky on channel W9 we had the MUSE concert live in Tokyo, wow!!!
      Waiting to receive the dvd of the one in Roma after the film in France.
      Muse is extream hapiness.
      Ultraaddicted Musefan christiane

      christiane hachet
      1572 days ago

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      <3. <3

      1606 days ago

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      damn matt needs to shave

      1610 days ago

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      in the sound check

      1615 days ago