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Sing For Absolution Video


Planet Overview
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Sing For Absolution Video


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      3023 days ago

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      unbelievable!! taht's really amazing! good photoshop! i luv it!

      Zokra Bellamy
      3056 days ago

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      I still have to watch this video. It looks interesting.

      3063 days ago

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      already in ruins and gone. Kinda a bummer. But thats just my view on the video, I personally thought it was brilliant

      3193 days ago

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      I think the video is kinda about last resortion. They leave London, which is in war to the death, and flee in hopes of finding a new place in space, which ends up to be basically a parallel universe (maybe even the same as Earth) and London is

      3193 days ago

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      I never really understood this video.

      3193 days ago