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Quest // Minneapolis


Who is this man?
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Quest // Minneapolis
Gig: Quest, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Location: Minneapolis, United States


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      Lol! That other guy looks scared! 0_0 lol.

      2375 days ago

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      Who the f*** ist that?! *confused* Not Chris!!!! The other guy!!!

      2490 days ago

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      Who is this man? - is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! Its chris!! xD

      2763 days ago

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      ? ??????????

      2915 days ago

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      ?? ??? ????????? ??????????)))

      2915 days ago

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      ???? ? ???? ?????? ?????? : )

      MOLKO 779159a40
      2917 days ago

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      chris' smile is contagious :D

      MK Soultra
      2974 days ago

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      haha it looks as if chris is thinking exactly the caption but has like a nervous what the hell smile on haha

      2981 days ago

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      Plus the terrified look the other guy's giving him

      Deluded Citizen
      2988 days ago

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      this is an all around sketchy photo....the cig, the beer, the sweat, the leather jacket, the blood on the other guy's face, and the weird smile....

      3050 days ago

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      3070 days ago