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Production Rehearsals May 2010


Photographer: Danny North
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Production Rehearsals May 2010
Location: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


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    Their lyrics are cults.

    2493 days ago

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    and these wars they can't be won, does anyone know or care how they begun. they just promise to go on and on and on...:D

    The Future Resistance
    2506 days ago

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    "...our ancient heroes..they're turning to dust..."....XD

    2509 days ago

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    Absolutely no one...

    2511 days ago

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    whovianwithwings your so right!

    2512 days ago

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    _VikA * I Love MUSE *
    2514 days ago

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    thats got to be the most muse-like phrase in the world.

    2520 days ago

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    that's so true...

    2525 days ago

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    too true. too true. (btw, love the medditeranian music in the middle of the song :D)

    Avril-NOT lavigne
    2525 days ago

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    since I heard that song I really believed that Eurasia exists

    2526 days ago

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    To MuseLaura: Your video is simply incredible! I love how you captured Matt, Chris, and Dom's movements! You are very observant and talented! Too, love how you have them wisk into swirly stars and auroras to the music! Thanks for sharing! Everyone sh

    2527 days ago

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    it's united states of eurasia !! i love this song !! =D

    2529 days ago

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    A line of United States Of Eurasia HOT!

    2533 days ago

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    TRUST NO ONE! Sorry, X-Files. X-Files and Muse would be amazing together if they did the soundtrack or something (*drool*)

    Miranda Bellamy
    2535 days ago

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    Hey this is an idea I had for the MK Ultra video> Just tell me what you think :p

    2538 days ago