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Philly Radio Show // Detroit


Surfing in the city
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Philly Radio Show // Detroit
Gig: Clutch Cargo, Detroit, MI, USA
Location: Detroit, United States


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      hey he touch the ass?!

      1292 days ago

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      THAT IS RATED R!!!!!!!!!!!!! question...Where the hell are his shoes?!!!!!

      2035 days ago

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      Le pauvre....

      2385 days ago

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      i bet that person who's touching his ass is just liike, dude get your butt outtta my face i cant see the show!

      2435 days ago

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      WHY IS SOMEONE TOUCHING HIS BUTT!?That is inaproriate for children!!!!!

      Muse&Greenday fan
      2443 days ago

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      MOLKO 779159a40
      2462 days ago

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      Poor guy...haha lol

      2532 days ago

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      I LMAO when I saw this! no wonder someone is touching his butt and by the looks of it, is enjoying it 2!

      2549 days ago

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      wow his face xD lmfao

      2598 days ago

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      lol one lucky person is making the most of the fact that his arse is in touching distance

      2603 days ago

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      LOVE the socks

      Megs L
      2661 days ago

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      who is that? if its matthew i would love to touch his ass! or the front! LOL jk jk (but realy)

      2699 days ago

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      Probably used them to protect himself in a mosh pit lol.

      2780 days ago

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      what happend to his shoes?

      2781 days ago