Muse Rock Fiji 2002
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Live
Gig: Fuji Rock, Nigata, Japan
Location: Fuji, Japan


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      How can I get this photo with better resolution?

      BJ pablo
      1867 days ago

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      @CryRabbitTwice It is indeed!

      1930 days ago

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      @RereMuser That is one AMAZING English book

      2246 days ago

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      i saw this wall paper in an school english book...

      2342 days ago

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      Muse is so amazingg!!!!! :D I love them so much!!! My life is devoted to muse so I have to learn all of their songs on wat i can play :)) Imma try!! Im like half way there :) LOL

      Museianist <3
      2433 days ago

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      I understand stephanix. A GREAT page which turns, that makes a little bit badly. But, it's necessary to see positive things. The band hasn't split as some other bands & I think there are still beautiful years in front of MUSE. Love :)

      2617 days ago

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      Aww it's sad they wont be playing Origin Of Symmetry songs anymore. That was probably one of the best albums ever. It makes me feel new,fresh,and good.

      2617 days ago

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      @dominic_bellamywhen did ya figure

      2825 days ago

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      MUSE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

      2825 days ago

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      de las mejores fotos q e visto de MUSE alabado sea jaja

      3054 days ago

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      I used to have this as a poster in my wall, great pic.

      3168 days ago

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      i thought this was a setup shot for a poster, so much cooler thts its a live shot

      3232 days ago