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Live in Hong Kong


AsiaWorld Arena
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Live in Hong Kong
Gig: Asia World Expo, Lantau, Hong Kong
Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong


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    i'm still mad my mum didn't let me go. i asked her as A CHRISTMAS PRESENT and she STILL didn't let me go. f*** her.

    Avril-NOT lavigne
    2668 days ago

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    Wish I was there.......

    2876 days ago

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    @double trouble - That sounded amazing, i have always wanted to go 2 a muse gig

    2912 days ago

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    Ilyen egy tehetséges együttes koncertje...

    2914 days ago

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    @double trouble - you're so lucky!!

    2947 days ago

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    *i mean shoe

    2954 days ago

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    @double trouble i would try to touch his show XD

    2954 days ago

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    omg! you are so lucky! if that happened to me i would have passed out

    2962 days ago

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    I was at the very front, against the fense, and Matt was right in front of me. I was like under his feet. when he sang "hold you in my arm..." god, that killed me, totally! I still can not believe it now!

    double trouble
    2981 days ago

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    Thats a big crowd...too bad they only have a few people who know whats going on!

    2983 days ago

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    wowee! The funny thing is that they dont understand a word that Matt is singing!!
    2992 days ago

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    a huge crowd for a beautiful band <3

    2996 days ago

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    wow, look at the crowd, incredible. Wish i was there.

    3005 days ago

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    this makes me absolutely die to know that im FINALLYgetting to see muse at wembley. i may in fact pee a litte. LOL

    3011 days ago

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    Aaaaw, you'll be on my country in August 21th, but I can't go... I'll headshot

    3013 days ago