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Goffertpark, Nijmegen, June '10


Photographer: Hans-Peter Van Velthoven
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Goffertpark, Nijmegen, June '10
Gig: Goffertpark, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands


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    MMUUUUSSEEE!!! you guys better come back soon!! haha

    2506 days ago

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    Dear Muse, we very love you and want very much to hearing from you zhivuyu.My know that you have already scheduled concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in Kiev, but we live very far from Moscow (Peter and Kiev) in Siberia and we would like You prop

    2590 days ago

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    gasp doubloe necked guitar *faints*

    2732 days ago

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    I'm loving all these pictures =D <3 <3 <3

    :D Sadie :D
    2760 days ago

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    fotografo eccellente. perfetta combinazione di colori per una band perfetta

    2769 days ago

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    WOW !! A big bravo to the photographer !!!

    2774 days ago

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    WOW !! A big bravo to the photogr

    2774 days ago

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    OMG thats awshome :D

    2775 days ago

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    is like...they all blend so well.the colors and everything a masterpiece a revolution this photographer is sure an arteest!also stage designer.very interesting indeed.

    2778 days ago

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    SO excited for the milwaukee concert! i love muse <3

    2779 days ago

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    You are so beautiful together !

    2780 days ago

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    I love when Matthew jumps and moves crazy on the stage! It's sooo fascinating to me! :D <3

    2786 days ago

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    Awesome stage! It really kicked ass up there! ?

    2786 days ago

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    OMG ?

    2786 days ago

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    this is aa~~mazing!!!

    Avril-NOT lavigne
    2787 days ago