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Connecticut to Massachusetts


Crowding in on Chris in Massachusetts
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Connecticut to Massachusetts
Gig: University of Massachusetts Curry Hicks Cage, Amherst, MA, USA
Location: Amherst Center, United States


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      i love chris. (:

      2201 days ago

    2. Report

      lol the girl/boy looked like a deer xD

      2673 days ago

    3. Report

      this girl really looks like a muse :)) nice "capture" chris :))

      2784 days ago

    4. Report

      its u!

      2816 days ago

    5. Report

      super !

      MOLKO 779159a40
      2915 days ago

    6. Report

      Is it me, or does it look like there is a mermaid lying on a piano with two arms sticking out of her head, trying to seduce Chris..?

      2952 days ago

    7. Report

      Amazing picture. I love you Chris!!

      Deluded Citizen
      2962 days ago

    8. Report

      AWW! anytime i see a pic of just chris theres never any comments!

      2978 days ago