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Calgary to Winnipeg Part 2


An afternoon in Calgary
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Calgary to Winnipeg Part 2
Gig: MacEwan Ball, Calgary, AB, Canada
Location: Calgary, Canada


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    Matt: i flippppin ordered 15 BANANAS AND I GOT 10!!! EXPLAIN THAT!!! Chris: ohh GOD vmm vmmm vmmm

    2748 days ago

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    Why do they always ask for bananas?

    Julia Clark
    2756 days ago

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    What is in the bowl on the table? Of course bananas. ;-)

    2765 days ago

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    juck bananas I HATE bANANAS

    2789 days ago

  5. Report

    Matt: NANANANANANANA NA! NANANANANANA NA!!! Chris:*dirnt dirnt dirnt dirnt dirnt-dirnt-dirnt* Dom: I want a doughnut...amnomnomnom...*sobs*

    2796 days ago

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    I wunder who matt is talking to? maybe Dom because he aint there. hes probably saying DOM GET OVER HERE YOU DUMB BUM! YOUR LATE FOR OUR NIGHTLY REHEARSALS!!

    2797 days ago

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    bananas!! :D

    2837 days ago

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    <333333333 Matt awesome , and Chris ...oh Chris

    2893 days ago

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    That I number sera that of matt?

    2904 days ago

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    Chris: vvvmmm vmmmm Matt: And then u have to come running across the stage screaming like a banchee

    2910 days ago

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    That bass is a beauty! GO MUSE!!!

    2914 days ago

  12. Report

    Matt " There are only 4 bananas here... now I know I asked specifically for 7, why are they not here! I need my 7 Bananas!"

    2914 days ago

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    Mattthew is talking to me!!! haha!:D

    2960 days ago

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    heeeeeeey you guys come to calgary again! i realy so desperately wanna see you just ask my friends they will say "omg yeah is she ever obsessed with you guys, especially you matthew." trust me!

    3062 days ago

  15. Report

    HAHAHA thats hilarious!

    3072 days ago