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Bercy Arena :: Paris, France :: February/March 2016


Photo credit: Hans-Peter van Velthoven
Gallery: Bercy Arena :: Paris, France :: February/March 2016


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      @christiane hachet : I vote for Matt too

      334 days ago

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      Matt next sunday all your french fans are going to vote for you !!!! we decide to have the ministers counsel every wednesday night in Bercy !!!You will be our best president !!!

      christiane hachet
      335 days ago

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      I was here for 2 nights, just can't forget it, Matt's voice is so amazing, I can hear his songs all day long, I need to listen a whole album every day sometimes more
      Mise has changed my life and gives me strengh enough despite I am disabled, Matt is a genious and Muse is the greatest group of the world.

      christiane hachet
      413 days ago

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      Que de bons souvenirs !!! Un concert juste exceptionnel, comme d'habitude, mais un visuel extraordinaire, rien à voir avec les festivals !!! Merci Muse !!!

      532 days ago

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      Wondering if you're going to play Butterflies & Hurricanes again on this tour <3

      680 days ago